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2019 Newsletters

A year following the powerful returns of our Optivest models, our prudent advice is to take some of our profits and derisk; invest for tangible returns like stock dividends and real estate with cash distributions and expect this cash to be a greater percentage of your return than last year’s stretched price returns which lacked the earnings return keeping pace. Furthermore,  as the opportunities arise, hard assets like precious metals and value priced cash flowing real estate should be added for downside protection should a mild stock market correction occur or the economy suffer a malaise which could lead to our next recession.


Leslie, Matt, Bart, Letitia & Optivest’s Investment Department

While US businesses are still very cautious, the consumer (main street) is showing signs of renewed confidence. With unemployment at 50-year lows, wages slowly rising, easy money policy, and barring failure to reach an agreement with China, we turn focus will move toward election season and what that might mean for fiscal policy. We fully expect jitters will resume next year.


Leslie, Matt, Bart, Letitia, Anselm & Stella

The result of all of this just might be rising U.S. wages, lower borrowing costs and continued support for the markets but trade wars and rising deficits keep investors fearful. Expect continued “headline volatility” in the near term and follow our advice to not align your investment portfolio on one single forecast.

We are focusing on short-duration, high credit fixed income, watching U.S. trade talks, manufacturing and GDP when considering exposure to equities, focusing more on U.S. and Emerging Markets than on Europe. We are always seeking well priced, cash-flow generating real estate investment opportunities for tax efficient income. We continue to favor hedging equities with low- and non-correlated alternatives so our portfolios can provide cash flows and durability through the peaks and valleys ahead.


Leslie, Matt, Bart, Letitia & Stella

Late cycle investing is still full of opportunity but it is simultaneously marked by decelerating economic growth. Identifying opportunities and risk mitigation through recalibrating diversified asset investing is our passion and expertise. We look forward to discussing our tactical moves in our upcoming quarterly meetings.


Leslie, Matt, Bart, Letitia & Stella

While investors might be tempted to radically rebalance their investments or even move entirely to cash during periods of volatility, trying to miss the bottom is costly. According to the study done by Bloomberg and GSAM (Goldman Sachs Asset Management), some of the markets strongest returns have come within days of a bottom.

From the S&P 500 low Christmas Eve 2018 through Friday 01/11/19, the S&P 500 had already risen 10%.

Besides potentially avoiding taxable capital gains or locking in losses of capital, staying the course with a diversified portfolio has tangible rewards.

We are also delighted to announce that Matt McManus, CFP® has recently joined Optivest as a Wealth Advisor and our Chief Operations Officer.

Matt will be responsible for providing Financial Planning and Wealth Management advice to clients of the firm. With a passion towards ensuring each and every client receives concierge level service and support, Matt is responsible for ensuring that Optivest’s day to day operations are run with the utmost attention to detail. By utilizing the OptiWealth Platform, Matt is also able to provide cutting edge Financial and Estate Planning strategies with Optivest clients to help optimize their financial legacy. We invite you to seek out Matt or any of our team if you believe our services could be of value to you.

Happy New Year!

Leslie, Bart, Stella, Letitia & Matt