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Pairing Elite Investment Research With Personalized “Family Office” Services For OC’s Wealthiest Families

By: Betsy Sanz
Newport Mesa Magazine

Unless you manage $1 billion pension plan or you are simply a gabillionaire, chances are you don’t have a multi million-dollar research team at your disposal to tell you where to put your money and when to do it. Even your broker likely uses research based solely around the products he or she represents, as opposed to what is available worldwide. Independent research by the brightest minds with the widest visibility to world markets comes at a hefty cost. The reality is that the “little guy” (with investable cash of less than a hundred million or so) is priced out of the advantages of independent investment research.

The clients at Optivest, Inc. are now an exception to that rule…

The New Roundtable:

Planning a business sale is no mean feat, something the members of the Orange County Exit Planning Roundtable (OCX) know all too well. These highly skilled Roundtable members specialize in helping to facilitate the sale of some of the OC’s most valuable companies.

The Orange County Exit Planning Roundtable is a “top of their field” group of professionals with complimentary disciplines, who specialize in working with owners of privately held, middle market companies who intend to exit their companies in the next few years…  (READ MORE)

(As reported in South County Magazine in March 2012)

By: Betsy Sanz

When Mark Van Mourick was a senior vice president at Smith Barney, he was responsible for the financial futures of no less than 1,200 investors and their families. Yikes.

Mark is smart and hardworking (eight years after graduating from USC he reached the rank of SVP at Smith Barney and was their leading retail stock broker in Orange County), but ultimately he lived life by his conscience – and he knew he wasn’t serving his clientele the way they needed to be served. Hard earned wealth, a family’s peace and comfort, the opportunity to impact the world through giving; these are no small things. Mark had worked into a position to manage critical life investments for many families, and he began to believe that they warranted more than a phone call every once in a while and a monthly check for more or less than average.