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Financial Planning & Retirement

Your Future, Secured

We understand that one of your most valuable assets is time. That’s why we organize most of your day-to-day operations online through the OptiWealth balance sheet aggregator. This helps you plan for retirement, manage your finances, and work toward the future – without missing out on the present.

Primarily, we focus on the implementation of the OptiWealth balance sheet aggregator for financial planning and wealth sustainability. This secure online platform is monitored daily, offering synchronized financial organization, cash flow analysis and more. In addition to the OptiWealth platform, we also provide extensive Financial and Retirement Planning Services including:

  • Creation of comprehensive financial situation and statement production monitored and updated daily.
  • Creation of comprehensive retirement strategies including life insurance, annuities, social security and pension benefits, long-term care and home equity.
  • Tax analysis in conjunction with your CPA.
  • Net-worth and asset (balance sheet) calculations.
  • Financial plans for newlyweds, budgeting, retirement funding plans, career strategies and home purchase guidance.

Some of the services listed above are offered at an additional fee.

Reach out to a member of our Client Services Team, to learn more or to schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting where we’ll explore your needs and aspirations for wealth, family and the causes you care about.