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Welcome to Optivest Wealth Management

We are a Trusted Family Wealth Advisory Firm in the heart of Southern California. Since 1987, Optivest has provided personalized, holistic offerings to successful individuals and families.

As professional fiduciaries we offer unbiased and broadly diversified investment management through our open platform and low fee environment. As members of the Institute for Preparing Heirs ®, we specialize in educating and supporting multi-generational families toward successful management and transfer of all aspects of their wealth.

We believe family wealth is more than just money.
Family wealth includes resources and assets in all forms – investments, business interests and real property as well as family name, knowledge, health, values, spirituality, family unity and support of the community.

 “Our goal is simple: to guide our clients and their heirs to a more secure
and prosperous financial future.” Mark Van Mourick, CEO


At Optivest, we believe that a properly diversified portfolio goes well beyond the typical mix of stocks, bonds and cash. We use sophisticated forecasting tools through SageView Advisory Group to audit investment cycles, current vs. historical valuations and statistical probabilities of return to determine the right mix of investment vehicles ...

Money Management


We see investments as more than just products; we see them as answers to your specific goals. The optimum portfolio allocation targets low volatility utilizing a strategic blend of securities, fixed income and REITs. Including these specialty growth and high cash flow investments can balance and protect your portfolios, providing ...

Investment Strategy


How do you organize your finances so that they not only continue to grow and provide a return, but are also positioned for a smooth transfer to your heirs? Our experienced family wealth advisors have years of invaluable experience.

Family Wealth Advisory


At Optivest, we understand that your most valuable asset is time. We can organize most of your day-to-day operations online through the OptiWealth balance sheet aggregator as well as help you plan for retirement.

Financial/Retirement Planning


Here at Optivest, we offer Family Office Services to a limited number of large accounts. These services include holistic advisory focused on coordinating your investments, tax and estate planning, and lifestyle services. We handle the details, leaving you to enjoy things like life and family.



Hello, Bill. Optivest Wealth Management has been described as one of the nation’s most philanthropic wealth management firms. The Optivest companies contribute 10% of every revenue dollar, not just profits, to Christian ministries across the globe by way of the Optivest Foundation.




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We are in the midst of a historic transfer of family wealth: Right now, $1 trillion is being passed to heirs every single year In all, Baby Boomers are expected to bequeath $30 trillion to their heirs over the next 30 to 40 years. But if ...


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