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Welcome to Optivest Wealth Management

We are a Trusted Family Wealth Advisory Firm in the heart of Southern California. Since 1987, Optivest has provided personalized, holistic offerings to successful individuals and families.

As professional fiduciaries we offer unbiased and broadly diversified investment management through our open platform and low fee environment. As members of the Institute for Preparing Heirs ®, we specialize in educating and supporting multi-generational families toward successful management and transfer of all aspects of their wealth.

We believe family wealth is more than just money.

Family wealth includes resources and assets in all forms – investments, business interests and real property as well as family name, knowledge, health, values, spirituality, family unity and support of the community.

 “Our goal is simple: to guide our clients and their heirs to a more secure and prosperous financial future.” Mark Van Mourick, CEO



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Making a Luxury Purchase? Think Before You Splurge

By Mark Van Mourick
As reported on, September 10, 2015:

You’ve worked hard and have been very patient, and now you have made money—lots of it.
Like many folks who have experienced a large liquidity event, you’re ready for some immediate gratification. So you are looking to ...

Hussman Strategic Advisors

September 9, 2015 Market Update

Yes, Virginia, Valuations Matter

Overview: Optivest sold their U.S. stock holdings before the August 24th major market decline based on over-valuation and market deterioration. This is only the third time since 1987 that Optivest has de-risked portfolios to this extent. The below report explains our rationale and ...

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