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Turning Success Into Peace of Mind

At Optivest, our mission is simple: to guide our clients to a more secure and prosperous financial future. With deep-rooted experience and disciplined vision, we’ll provide the expertise you need to turn the success you’ve earned into the peace of mind you deserve.

We serve a limited number of financially-established families, primarily in South Orange County, California to help them navigate the “what’s next” in life. It’s why each Optivest advisor is truly specialized in serving the unique needs of clients in differing life, wealth and family situations.

Our clients benefit from our team’s clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management:

Our cutting-edge team of wealth advisors is focused on building meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients that yield a multitude of dividends.

Second Opinion Offer: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Financial Advisor?

If you have investible assets in excess of seven or eight figures, join us for a complimentary discovery meeting to determine whether you are being well-served by your current firm. Hopefully, we can confirm you are on track to fulfill your values and reach your goals. If needed, we’ll suggest ways in which your wealth planning can improve, even if that means recommending another provider to best fit your needs and situations.

Schedule your complimentary discovery meeting:

Located in the heart of

Dana Point, CA

Reach out to a member of our Client Services Team, to learn more or to schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting where we’ll explore your needs and aspirations for wealth, family and the causes you care about.