When you choose a wealth manager, trust is an important consideration.
We build every client relationship with a strong foundation of not only trust, but reliability and integrity. It is our goal to meet your unique needs and guide you to long-term success. To do that, we choose to work with with a select number of families so we can focus on providing you the quality advice and service you deserve.
Philanthropic Families

With success comes opportunity—opportunity to give back, make a difference, and invest in causes you care about. We help high-net-worth individuals like you make decisions regarding intentional philanthropic giving while helping balance your financial future and that of future generations. You’ve built not only generational wealth, but core values for your family to embrace. Our guidance includes coaching and planning to ensure your legacy is valued and enduring.

Business Owners

As a busy entrepreneur, your time is your biggest asset—you’re running a business, tending to your family, and enjoying your success, which leaves little time for figuring out how to protect the legacy you’re creating. Let us design a durable portfolio to continue to build on your legacy while providing a strategy customized to your specific needs.

Turning the Page

Life requires growth. This means growing through changes, good and bad. After a divorce or the death of a loved one, everything can change at once. Too often, these traumatic transitions place new responsibilities onto us — during one of the most emotionally trying periods that life can offer. Our team will walk alongside you to navigate your next decisions and plans. We provide support and advice to help you make wise choices surrounding wealth, taxes, estate and financial planning. We’ll act as guides to nurture your future and provide a solid foundation, so you can continue growing.

Our Clients, Their Experience with Optivest