Preserving your wealth for generations to come.

At Optivest, we offer wealth management services, legacy financial planning, and real estate and alternative investment opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you secure the financial future you deserve. Our approach is collaborative and thorough to ensure that together we’re creating and delivering strategies that allow you to make decisions today and in the future that will meet your goals.

Wealth Management
We think of wealth management as a partnership. Our exclusive service model ensures we are providing a personalized approach and a true understanding of your financial needs and goals. It’s our mission to ensure you feel confident in your financial future.
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 Wealth Management, The Optivest Difference

Optivest employs an “open architecture” investment platform enabling us to invest into all investment options and specialty managers available. We are well versed in the complicated features of Wealth Management for high-net-worth families like yours and look forward to providing you with high level investment consulting, asset protection, and relationship management you deserve to feel confident about your future.

 Active Management

Optivest is a deep believer in the role of active management, and we construct and update our models based on that approach. The asset allocation recommendation takes into consideration your age, present assets, priorities, goals, and risk tolerances. Our portfolio strategies utiltize an optimum asset allocation, given your objectives and the present market environment. The specific security managers are what our research sources indicate are best-in-class selections based on risk-adjusted performance and low fees.

 Diversified and Durable Portfolios

Optivest’s team of seasoned professionals strive for superior returns and low volatility through a strategic blend of equity, fixed income, alternatives and real estate in order to maximize diversification and produce durable portfolios that can perform in all markets.


The Financial Planning process at Optivest is comprised of four key stages: Origin, Perception, Thoughtfulness, and Initiation. Hover over or click each icon to learn more.

experience origin
The beginnings of your legacy plan requires a deep understanding of your values and goals.
experience initiation
With clear set expectations in place, we take action.
experience perception
Building your future is dependent upon the details of your current financial picture and resources to guide our recommendations.
experience thoughtfulness
Working together, we collaborate to provide financial strategies appropriate for you and your family.
Legacy Financial Planning
Our Legacy Financial Planning process provides clients the knowledge and strategies to achieve their goals today and for the future. We engage each family generation to ensure that their legacy includes family values in addition to the preservation of wealth.

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Real Estate & Alternative Investments
We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients private investment opportunities. By adding real estate to your portfolio, it can facilitate asset appreciation and income generation while providing tax efficiency. Our exclusive alternative investment opportunities reflect the changing needs of our clients in a volatile market.
 Real Estate

We invest directly with real estate managers who have a longstanding record of success. Our Real Estate investment opportunities include multi-family, hospitality, self-storage, and specialized properties. These opportunities can provide tax-sheltered income to further enhance the value of your portfolio.

 DST 1031 Exchanges

When appropriate, we can coordinate DST transactions for our clients private real estate portfolios. DSTs provide 1031 exchange eligibility during initial investment and upon exit, which offers a unique advantage by deferring the recognition of capital gains from another investment real estate property.

 Alternative Investments

We deploy alternative investment strategies through a variety of vehicles to broaden portfolio returns and help dampen volatility.

Digital Experience
Our state-of-the-art online and mobile access points makes it easier, more secure, and more efficient to open accounts,
view your account information and process account updates.