Market Changes – New Horizon

March 26, 2020 It seems we are in the season of breaking records. From severe daily market movements both to the upside and downside along with now record breaking unemployment, each day seems to bring  …

Market Changes – A Period in Time

March 18, 2020 Today we again witnessed a very volatile market as we anxiously await to see what type of fiscal stimulus we can expect, and as the impact from the Covid-19 virus continues to  …

Market Changes – More than Financial Advice

March 16, 2020 We know these times create anxiety so we plan to keep frequent communications coming to you as we see events worth reporting on. This past weekend, The Fed Reserve made another massive  …

Market Changes – Update

March 11, 2020 The impact of the Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 continues to rattle market and world confidence. As new developments in the detection of the virus have continued to lead headlines, the result  …

Market Changes – Keeping a Steady Approach

February 25, 2020 Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster in the stock market. Continued headlines about the Coronavirus have stoked additional fear as the world comes to grips with  …

The Season of Giving

December 2019 This holiday season, Optivest wanted to give back to our local communities. We partnered with a local charitable organization called Action Angels that identifies families in Orange County in need during the holidays.  …

Avoid Being the Victim of Fraud

March 2019 It is highly likely that in the past you may have been the victim of credit card fraud or some type of identity theft. Fraud is becoming so prevalent, the FBI is overwhelmed  …

The Federal Reserve and The President

A Delicate Balance Did you know the Federal Reserve (aka The Fed) is not a part of the federal government and was created by an act of Congress? Its purpose is to serve the public  …

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