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The bear market of March 2020 has been the quickest to recover to bull market in history. The market has rebounded from its lows in March and the technology-heavy NASDAQ is hitting new all-time highs in the midst of the pandemic. This recession was not caused by over-exuberance or by a bubble but rather by an exogenous event. While the landscape coming out will look different, we believe that we will enter a new paradigm in the economy where strong and innovative companies will thrive, over-indebted and weaker businesses will fail and there be a greater push than ever for US-domiciled supply chain independence and nationalism. Staying invested with minor tactical modifications will prove the best method for generating steady returns and upside participation as the good times, we all so dearly look forward to outweighing the bad. At least in the stock market.

Stay healthy and stay optimistic. Long-term goals are still achievable.


Leslie, Matt & Optivest’s Investment Department